Program Tips

Make your Travel Raffle a success!

Our staff will work with your organization with every detail organizing the program, creating flyers, press releases, information for your website, ticket printing, sponsorship letters and providing marketing ideas so your Travel Raffle is a success.

You have heard it said before, “Life is a numbers game”. In this case, it’s true.

Once you have determined the price of your ticket and the number of tickets you will produce, you need to sell those tickets!

To Do list:

  • E-mail your membership and ask them to e-mail their own family, friends, or colleagues.
  • Post the raffle information on your website, Facebook page, or other social media pages. No website? Create one, it’s easy. We will even help if you need it.
  • Promote your fundraiser on other websites.
  • Create and run a Public Service Announcement or short advertisement on your local cable channels, radio stations and newspapers.
  • Post flyers and posters at local businesses.
  • Monitor the results of your ticket sales; e-mail weekly updates to your members and send reminders.

Team Work

You only need a few good leaders to coordinate this program, but it takes every member to make it a success. The tickets need to be available and they will sell themselves.

Member Participation

You must have each organization member committed to sell one full book of ten tickets. Every member must understand that fundraising is a necessity and is not an option and you must communicate that to them. Fundraising helps keep the cost of registration down and provides the extra money for club needs.

Have them write down twenty (20) names of people they can ask to purchase a raffle ticket. If you get this commitment, all of the other tickets sold by the suggestions below are a bonus. Have an incentive for the family and team that sells the most tickets.


Include information on the travel raffle on your website and send information to your members. How many times have we all heard ” I didn’t know about that” or “I didn’t hear about that program”? Don’t miss an opportunity to inform people about the raffle.

Take advantage of all the marketing and advertising done to promote college and professional sports and travel. Many individuals have an interest in a sport or love to travel.


Visit your local business owners and local corporations and ask them to sponsor the program. They can donate towards the cost of the program, they can buy raffle tickets or they can sell raffle tickets for you. You can include their website on your promotional mailings or flyers. This promotes good community awareness and support. Most local businesses will allow you to set up a table outside the store to sell raffle tickets. You just have to ask.

Events / Functions

Once you have decided to do the raffle, look at your community calendar of events. At these events, have an area set up to sell raffle tickets. This is a great opportunity to sell tickets to people outside your club’s reach. People care and will support the program.

Incentive Program

Set up a contest for the person or family who sells the most tickets.

Our most important tip? MAKE IT FUN AND MAKE IT A TEAM EFFORT!