How It Works

The Travel Raffle Program has raised over 6 million dollars for organizations like yours!

Your organization holds a travel raffle. Tickets are sold by your members at your discretion and price. The grand prize of your raffle is a US Sports Travel redemption certificate. The winner redeems the redemption certificate for a trip of a lifetime for two (2) to any one (1) of these sporting events or travel destinations:

  • Pro Bowl
  • Masters
  • Final Four
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Disney World
  • 7-night Caribbean Cruise
  • And more…

Our travel division, US Sports Travel, books the trip!

A Travel Raffle has no up-front costs!

100% of the profits are kept by the organization!
Program costs are fixed.
The program is full-service, turnkey, and always a success.

How is The Travel Raffle Program administered?

Once a contract is signed, our staff will work with your organization with every detail: organizing the travel raffle, creating flyers, press releases, information for your website, raffle ticket printing, sponsorship letters and providing marketing ideas so your travel raffle is a success. The travel raffle can be done anytime of year! It is your raffle and it is administered by your organization. You decide what time period works best!

Who has used the Travel Raffle Program?

  • Youth sports organization
  • High School & College Booster Clubs and Athletic Departments
  • Private and Catholic Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Alumni Associations
  • Non-Profit Health Organizations
  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Unions

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What is the cost of The Travel Raffle Program?

Super Program cost: $9000.00
All-Star Program cost: $7500.00

There are no up-front start up costs! 100% of the profit is kept by the organization! to see how much money your organization can raise, check out or projected results.

Why does The Travel Raffle Program work?

The travel raffle fundraising program works because it allows organizations with significant membership to utilize those members and tie into the billion-dollar sporting event and travel industries. By offering the grand prize winner of your raffle a choice to win a trip of a lifetime to a variety of premier sporting events and travel destinations while supporting their special charity or organization.

Your organization members can save money all year long!

As an added bonus for using The Travel Raffle Program, every person involved In your organization can save money all year long by accessing our website by down loading money saving coupons! No registration required!